I am a qualified Teacher of Mathematics with 7 years of state and private educational and private tutoring experience in the United Kingdom and in the Middle East. I am also a GCSE Mathematics examiner for Pearson Edexcel, and I have worked in both primary and secondary schools in mainstream and SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) settings. I have taught a wide range of students from the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stages 1-4.


I am passionate about children all over the world being confident in who they are. I encourage them to believe that they can achieve incredible things in every area of their lives by tackling problems fearlessly with boldness and capability. Teaching for me is more than mathematics education and my voice and presence as an educator is fundamental in ensuring that this transpires. In this safe space, your child will blossom, appreciate the ‘amazing-ness’ that mathematics is and cherish the privilege that is a quality education. I inspire my students to be curious individuals, eliciting epic discussions where their voice is not only heard, but valued. This doesn’t always occur in a classroom full of 30 students.

- Ebony Lawrence, Lead Tutor

Teaching Qualification: PGCE Secondary Mathematics (QTS - Qualified Teacher Status)


The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.



My teaching style consists of three core elements:

1. Concretising school curriculum knowledge by providing an in-depth understanding of Number, Algebra, Geometry and Measures, Ratio and Proportion and Probability and Statistics within and beyond the national curriculum.

2. A holistic approach to learning; focusing on preparing students to meet any challenges they may face in life and in their academic career. 

3. Promoting an intellectual curiosity and love for mathematics through the exploration of engaging problem-solving activities, investigations, puzzles and challenging games.

My Recent Mathematics Results (2017-2019)

41% of my KS2 class were working at ‘greater depth’ in mathematics by the end of the academic year

24% of my higher ability KS3 class achieved above their predicted GCSE mathematics grades in their end of year assessment

91% of my middle ability GCSE class achieved above their predicted GCSE mathematics grades in their end of term autumn assessment

90% of my middle ability KS4 class achieved grade 4 (grade C) or above in GCSE mathematics in their end of year assessment 

I HAVE Experience with working with all different types of children, especially those who:

May have SEND or learning disabilities 

May lack concentration

May lack interest in mathematics

Have a lot of energy

Are enthusiastic about mathematics but need to execute exam techniques

Need to be stretched beyond the national curriculum

RECENT PARENT Survey Comments (JULY 2020):

“She is amazing. My kids have improved so much – highly recommended.”

“Miss Lawrence has been a fabulous tutor; my son hugely enjoyed her sessions and we were confident that the lessons were appropriate for his level and that he received all the support that he needed.”

“Very well prepared lessons with lots of extra fun activities for my daughter (she loves Kahoot)!”

“I really appreciate the learning support that my son received from Miss Lawrence and glad to be having more lessons from her in the summer holidays.”

Recent Parent Survey (July 2020)

14 parents


‘My child enjoyed the tutoring lessons'


‘Would you recommend Miss Lawrence’s tutoring services?’

93% strongly agree and 7% agree

‘My child was encouraged to work hard and do their best’

86% strongly agree and

14% agree

‘Miss Lawrence communicated with me effectively about how to support my child’s learning’

93% strongly agree and 7% agree

‘My child felt comfortable in the lessons'

93% strongly agree and 7% agree

‘Miss Lawrence was professional’


‘The work was appropriate and challenging enough for my child’


‘Please rate the overall quality of Miss Lawrence’s tutoring services’

Recent Student Survey (July 2020)

4 students


‘Rate your tutor on a scale of 1-10 (1 meaning they ‘require improvement’ and 10 meaning they are ‘exceptional)’


‘Would you recommend these classes to your friends?’


‘How challenging has mathematics been (1 being ‘easy’ and 5 being ‘extremely challenging)?'