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Ebony is a gifted maths teacher. I chose her services because her website showed her exceptional experience in her specialism. She taught my daughter (who was in Year 1) for several months before and during lockdown. She went from feeling anxious about maths to feeling self assured and exceedingly competent in the subject. This also filtered through to school where she is now exceeding all targets. I can't thank or praise Ebony enough for what she has done. Her lessons are individually tailored to meet each child's needs. I would strongly recommend her services to any parent who feels like their child needs extra support. It is a great investment. 

Parent of Year 1 Student


Miss Lawrence is an amazing teacher and a very caring, warm and kind person. My son enjoys her lessons a lot and really looks forward to them. Lessons are always very well organised, planned and fun. Ms Lawrence combines effective teaching methods with fun which engages students and yields tangible results. Miss Lawrence provides brilliant feedback after each lesson.

Parent of Year 6 student


Understanding maths formulae was a real struggle for my daughter. After working with Ebony, my daughter began to excel in maths and moved up two levels at school! Her maths lessons with Ebony were exceptional.

Parent of Year 10 student


My daughter really enjoys learning with Miss Lawrence. She has been excellent at following up the lessons with information on what the children have been studying in each lesson. Thank you so much; it has made a big difference!

Parent of Year 6 student


Miss Lawrence was my son’s teacher when he was in Year 4, and she was very supportive and helpful; she’s a fantastic teacher. She was so inspiring, and my son was really struggling with maths and she has helped my son to master maths skills which my son found very hard to do. I have seen significant improvements in my son ever since Miss Lawrence taught him. I must say, Miss Lawrence has been the best teacher my son has ever had. She is a lovely teacher and a role model to all students.

Parent of Year 4 student


Ebony creates lessons that are thorough, and above all fun. My daughter finds learning fun with her and looks forward to the sessions. The preparation is good and shared with the parents and the follow up post-lesson superb. I would not hesitate in recommending Ebony as a tutor, although I’d rather keep her as my secret educational weapon!

Parent of Year 6 student


Ebony worked with my son when he was in Year 1 to fill in the gaps where he was really behind. Ebony always provided rich lessons, with resources and learning methods to suit my son’s needs. Ebony’s approach was very tailor made and would be constantly working with my son to find out what worked for him and what didn't. Ebony was able to keep my son engaged throughout and was incredibly patient with him - more than I could ever be as the parent in that situation. My son quickly moved up two reading levels and his confidence increased as a result of having those tutor sessions. Ebony has a passion for all things that inspire learning and you can tell she is always finding opportunities to learn more herself. I would highly recommend her tutoring services.

Parent of Year 1 student


Miss Lawrence’s sessions are truly a life saver. I feel my son is engaging well and is enjoying his school-work; much better than he does with myself!

Parent of Year 6 student


When I first met and began my maths lessons with Ms Lawrence, I was on the brink of giving up with Maths GCSE. I just could not get my head around the challenging content and my poor exam results only further pushed me off the subject - I had received 6/60 on my maths test in Year 9. But when I was put into Ms Lawrence's class, this mindset totally and rapidly transformed and so did my performance, and by large I heavily attribute this to the immense effort that Ms Lawrence put into her lessons to ensure all lessons put the most challenging topics in a way that was understandable. Without fail, lessons were always fun and engaging and I began to always look forward to my maths lesson, a remarkable turn around from just months before. Crucially, this ignited a passion within me for maths, and I believe this is where true success derives from. The ability to get one from despising a subject to having a strong enjoyment in it, is the best way to ensure consistent success in exams. And this is exactly what Ms Lawrence recognised and thus it is what happened to me; I developed a passion for these subjects and the success I later achieved in all my henceforth exams were merely a by-product showing this. By the end of secondary school, I came out with a grade 8 (A*) in maths, something that just a few years ago seemed like a far-fetched ideal. If it was not for Ms Lawrence coming into my academic life, I for sure would have continued on a downward spiral, achieving no more than a grade 4 (C) at most. Aside from this, Ms Lawrence's great communication skills and approachable nature makes her a perfect teacher, especially when some topics may need several explanations to grasp. For example, I vividly remember Ms Lawrence not seeing the classroom time as a defining environment; instead, support extended beyond the classroom to lunchtime and after school help, demonstrating how she was always keen to help me understand topics and excel in exams. 

Student of Year 11

Thank you so much for all your help in maths in Year 9. Maths wasn’t always a strong spot for me at all; I could never seem to get answers right. However, my whole perspective on maths has been transformed over the past three years due to your support. I still remember the amazing teacher you are and I am so fortunate to have been taught by you. I will never forget the efforts you went to ensure that I understood what we were doing in class.

Student of Year 11


Miss Lawrence is the best maths teacher ever! I always found maths a struggle but she has really helped me to improve my results over the past two years.

Student of Year 7


You’re one of the best teachers I’ve ever had and I’m happy that I’ve had you as a maths teacher. You have helped me so much and I am now able to see the brighter side of maths!

Student of Year 8


I would like to let you know grateful I am that you are my teacher. I hope you know how much happiness you bring into my life and how much I genuinely enjoy having you as my maths teacher. I can’t tell you how many days I’ve been stressed and frustrated, and you always made me feel relaxed and forget my stresses with your fun and effective methods of teaching.

Student of Year 9


There are no words to describe how thankful I am for all your help. Without your help, I would have never been able to achieve all the things that I accomplished in higher tier maths. You have helped me to grow and be successful throughout this wonderful year and I am pleased with my grade 7 (A) in maths!

Student of Year 11


When I picked up my GCSE results, I was over the moon with my grade 8 (A*) that I achieved in maths! You gave me the motivation to do well in maths and I have vivid memories of when you tried your best to ensure that I understood topics and I am always grateful for the efforts you went through to ensure I was confident in a certain area. Besides this, you would always ask me how I was doing and this meant so much to me. It was you who made me realise I had the potential to do well in maths and so for that I am always grateful.

Student of Year 11


Miss Lawrence is a wonderful teacher. She is encouraging and very helpful. Whenever I had a problem she would always stay after class to help me. Miss Lawrence has a different, fun way of teaching which includes games, videos and whiteboard work. Her teaching ways help the students to succeed and excel in Maths.

Student of Year 8


Miss Lawrence creates a positive atmosphere and is very supportive of us. She is very calm and explains everything very clearly. She also makes the lessons fun with lots of interesting resources. I look forward to my lessons with her and I have learnt a lot.

Student of Year 6

Excellent teacher - sensitive with SEND children and has very clear boundaries. Highly skilled at teaching maths to students of all abilities. Ebony's understanding of SEND policies and practice is reflected in the high results that her students achieve.

Teaching Colleague

As a Teaching Assistant, I have seen Ebony's love and passion for teaching. She is always patient with her students ensuring that lessons contents are understood and making maths lessons enjoyable. Ebony is also willing to use her own time to set up maths interventions/game clubs as a strategy to further develop her students mathematics skills. It was a pleasure working with Ebony - she has shared valuable teaching tips and has given many young staff a tremendous amount of confidence to teach.

Teaching Colleague

I have known Ms. Ebony Lawrence as an enthusiastic and creative trainee Mathematics teacher, where I held the position as Subject Leader for Mathematics. Ms. Lawrence was an excellent teacher and her students used to wait for her lesson eagerly. She is a very professional and dedicated colleague who sets high expectations for all her students. She is outstanding at motivating the students and she was a role model to several students in school.

Teaching Colleague

Ebony has been a fantastic Mathematics teacher who has been able to work with pupil across different age groups. She is passionate about supporting pupils achieve their potential. This is not just what has made her a standout teacher, but the ability to observe struggling pupils and devote personal time to support them in enhancing the necessary confidence to recognising their potential and obtain success. Ebony is very friendly, easy going and can relate with anyone regardless of their background. She was able to bring out the best in both colleagues and students. Anyone who has her within her organisation or company is sure to get the best, as she will always give her all.

Teaching Colleague

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